Our Team

Our team is made up of high potential resources, with complementary and heterogeneous skills and abilities. We work as a team, developing strategies in harmony with our Mission that we share without the need for slides or conference calls.

We make decisions together, our every thought and every action is aimed at achieving the common goal, perfectly in harmony with our human values: satisfying future customers, even going beyond their expectations.

Our meetings are informal and spontaneously arise, without the need to find slots or to fix them well in advance: they take place on the sofa at the end of the day, or while we have a snack in the afternoon sitting in the shade of the pergola, or during a walk at sunset.

We are more connected than ever, despite our business not booming, with sometimes almost zero covers on days of strong wind.


Hierarchical and functional leader, undisputed boss of our business, the property and the surrounding area. He has almost 8 years of seniority in the role: he presents himself in the form of a gray cat, has yellow eyes, is huge, elegant, sinuous and beautiful. His anarchic arrogance, his boundless selfishness, his dictatorial arrogance and his charm now make him an icon for the whole area. Strongly authoritarian, he does not believe in horizontal leadership at all.
Usually he settles in a raised position from which he observes with snobbery all our daily activities, limiting himself to having physical manifestations, which we want to interpret as applause to our works, or illusory affectionate gestures; these are short meows, twists and turns and some rare approach to our legs. For the rest he refuses human contact, and goes away in disgust if we try to touch him with our hands. His stern and non-magnanimous supervision, and his high standard of excellence push us to surpass ourselves: we know that meeting his high expectations will allow us to achieve and maintain our goals.


Prodigious cross between dog and guru. Young foundling survivor of a car accident, taken from the kennel about three years ago. White mestizo with black spots, medium in size, not exactly proportionate, but in perfect physical shape.
He plays the role of Consultant and Head of Human Resources: every day he proves to be an indispensable Mentor, because he is capable of enhancing the talents of the workers. Strongly empathetic, he is able to mediate between the needs of the leader and those of the workforce.
It is a healthy carrier of joy, which he releases in a generous and inexhaustible way. He follows our every move, silently attends our every activity, always ready to transmit affection and instill tenderness.
We resort to him many times a day to find solutions, build courage, or rest exhausted arms or hands: we just need to take a short break to bring him closer to us and then fill up with love, peace, serenity and regain enthusiasm and self-esteem.
His indulgence and his ability to relativize us remind us that perfection is not consistent with our restoration project of an old house using only eco-sustainable materials.


Human being with noble values ​​and numerous intelligences, among which the practical one stands out. Born in 1974 in Veneto and therefore a tireless worker, humble, alien to complaining, unable to tolerate an “out of square” wall or floor.
Interior designer, visionary and avant-gardist, a worshipper of minimalism, he is skilled in inventing, designing – and now also creating – structures and furnishings strictly natural and “material”, as he says.
Patient and meticulous, he is naturally able to live in the present: practical work is his anti-stress. He faces difficulties one at a time: this is why he manages to maintain high levels of quality in his work and, more importantly, his own emotional well-being.


Human being enthusiastic about life, pathological optimist, capable of solving absurd bureaucratic procedures, ready to insist until the exhaustion of any institution or public employee. Born in 1972, Ligurian therefore a fervent adept of the religion of grumbling, irony and self-deprecation, but also fearless in exploring new worlds and creating unknown routes.
More used to studying and talking than doing, but willing to learn.
Every day, thanks to lactic acid, she discovers less and less atrophied muscles; experiences the nobility of physical fatigue and the dignity that accompanies every manual work done with commitment and dedication. **

The Team also makes use of External Consultants: human beings with high transversal skills and extraordinary hearts. Some are Managers who in their previous life fiddled with the computer in highly competitive environments, and here they get their hands dirty. They say they “need to go back to what’s essential”, so they come here to lend their work in exchange for hospitality, perhaps a little spartan, but certainly authentic. They say that they too want, at least for a while, “to be free, to breathe deeply, and to create something tangible. And to contribute to a small and big dream that will last over time “.

** A confession from Laura:

My days spent fiddling on the computer keyboard, with soft hands, well-kept and painted nails, doing “concept” works, dressed and made up like a Hollywood diva, sitting on an expensive ergonomic chair while phones ring, horns blare and honk, bosses demand budget coverage, customers complain – most of the time with reason, and I can’t do much but want to get out of the office as soon as possible, to let off steam by buying expensive and designer items, or run to an aperitif in the trendy lounge bar- are very distant and faded.

For quite some time now I dirty – and wash – my hands a lot, which is why they are now rough and chapped; I don’t make up because the sun tans me, I wear old overalls with some holes and numerous lime stains, natural paints and oils that I use to paint the wood.

When the wind blows hard, I run into my hood and my look makes it difficult to tell if I am a woman, a man or a mythological animal.

I like to work in silence, enjoying the sounds kindly offered by nature.

My bosses and colleagues are now the living beings I love most in the world.

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Our Values

Never before has the need to cultivate one’s dreams been so strong when they are good for the world.

We believe that contact with nature, respect for its times and its rules is the answer to every existential question or need: this is why hard work does not scare us, whether it is to plant a tree or to face an infernal bureaucracy.
We believe that polluting is a mortal sin: this is why we use eco-friendly materials and we continue to study and learn techniques to make them comfortable and attractive.
We believe in recycling: his is why we try to fix what breaks and use what others throw away.
We believe in the recovery of forgotten territories: this is why we invest in the restoration of an old house in the midst of nature.
We believe in doing things well that’s why we don’t take shortcuts, on the contrary we take all the time we need.
We believe that it is essential to connect with nature, and not with cell phone antennas: this is why we do not have a repeater on the roof to increase telephone coverage.
We believe in sharing: this is why we are happy to explain and tell our customers (who easily become friends) the wonders of Fuerteventura.
We believe in kindness and respect: this is why we know that our freedom ends where that of others begins.
We believe in ecology: this is why we respect the environment and love animals, not just those we have adopted!

We believe that travels are the best possible investments: this is why we want to transform our guests’ stays into unforgettable experiences.
We believe in hugs this is why we look forward to returning to greet those who leave and those who arrive with affection.
We believe in hospitality: this is why we are committed to making those who decide to choose Alma Calma feel at home.
We believe in human beings: this is why we value each individual for their authenticity.
We believe in the great dignity deriving from manual work: this is why we choose self-construction.
We believe that continuing to learn is the best form of growth: this is why we like to listen to those who want to teach us something.

Our Story

“I remember when Massimiliano and I fell in love”

I also remember very well when, together, we fell in love with this island.

And I remember even better when we saw this old and abandoned house and, always together and at the same time, had the realization that this was the right place for us. This is were we feel we want to live: we are both inexplicably attracted to this place so much that we happily accept and endure the weather, at times extreme.

And here is where we want to invest all of our resources in order to complete our life project.

We promptly understood that in order to transform the dream in reality time, unity, skills, resiliency and all of our money were needed.

Like every adventure, it can be challenging, like when it forces us to face a bureaucratic odyssey to legitimize our project, but it can also be very rewarding because everyday it makes us incredibly proud of what we managed to achieve thus far together.

Every bit of progress fortifies our courage, an essential ingredient for the continuation of this adventure.

Here, eco-friendly and sustainable construction is not in vogue all, I would even dare to say it is almost science-fiction, or cosa de locos ( sheer madness), that’s what the Majoreros, the natives of the island, keep on repeating fondly to us. And they are right, because in order to fulfil every dream it takes talent, resources, courage and a bit of madness too, definitely not alien to us.