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“I remember when Massimiliano and I fell in love”

I also remember very well when, together, we fell in love with this island.

And I remember even better when we saw this old and abandoned house and, always together and at the same time, had the realization that this was the right place for us. This is were we feel we want to live: we are both inexplicably attracted to this place so much that we happily accept and endure the weather, at times extreme.

And here is where we want to invest all of our resources in order to complete our life project.

We promptly understood that in order to transform the dream in reality time, unity, skills, resiliency and all of our money were needed.

Like every adventure, it can be challenging, like when it forces us to face a bureaucratic odyssey to legitimize our project, but it can also be very rewarding because everyday it makes us incredibly proud of what we managed to achieve thus far together.

Every bit of progress fortifies our courage, an essential ingredient for the continuation of this adventure.

Here, eco-friendly and sustainable construction is not in vogue all, I would even dare to say it is almost science-fiction, or cosa de locos ( sheer madness), that’s what the Majoreros, the natives of the island, keep on repeating fondly to us. And they are right, because in order to fulfil every dream it takes talent, resources, courage and a bit of madness too, definitely not alien to us.