Never before has the need to cultivate one’s dreams been so strong when they are good for the world.

We believe that contact with nature, respect for its times and its rules is the answer to every existential question or need: this is why hard work does not scare us, whether it is to plant a tree or to face an infernal bureaucracy.
We believe that polluting is a mortal sin: this is why we use eco-friendly materials and we continue to study and learn techniques to make them comfortable and attractive.
We believe in recycling: his is why we try to fix what breaks and use what others throw away.
We believe in the recovery of forgotten territories: this is why we invest in the restoration of an old house in the midst of nature.
We believe in doing things well that’s why we don’t take shortcuts, on the contrary we take all the time we need.
We believe that it is essential to connect with nature, and not with cell phone antennas: this is why we do not have a repeater on the roof to increase telephone coverage.
We believe in sharing: this is why we are happy to explain and tell our customers (who easily become friends) the wonders of Fuerteventura.
We believe in kindness and respect: this is why we know that our freedom ends where that of others begins.
We believe in ecology: this is why we respect the environment and love animals, not just those we have adopted!

We believe that travels are the best possible investments: this is why we want to transform our guests’ stays into unforgettable experiences.
We believe in hugs this is why we look forward to returning to greet those who leave and those who arrive with affection.
We believe in hospitality: this is why we are committed to making those who decide to choose Alma Calma feel at home.
We believe in human beings: this is why we value each individual for their authenticity.
We believe in the great dignity deriving from manual work: this is why we choose self-construction.
We believe that continuing to learn is the best form of growth: this is why we like to listen to those who want to teach us something.