About us

An incredible cocktail of love

The right balance between the madness of the artist and the rigor of the company manager, distorted by 4 paws of pure love and 4 of pure unpredictability.


Four different expression of love

Laura and Massimiliano, the head and hands of this fantastic rural life project. Tiki, the lovely dog. Chico, the cat, our bossy boss.


Enthusiastic about life, pathological optimist, problem solver, fearless in exploring new worlds



Interior designer, visionary and avantgardist, a worshipper of minimalism



Prodigious cross between dog and guru, not exactly proportionate, but in perfect physical shape



Hierarchical and functional leader, undisputed boss of our business

Our values


Respect for nature

We believe that contact with nature, respect for its times and its rules is the answer to every existential question or need


Eco-friendly materials

We believe that polluting is a mortal sin: this is why we use eco-friendly materials and we continue to study and learn techniques to make them comfortable and attractive.


Reduce, reuse, recycle

We try to fix what breaks and use what others throw away. Massimiliano is the king of renovation by reusing waste materials to preserve the environment

Territorial redevelopment

Recovery of forgotten territories is a way to respect the landscape and traditions. This is why we invest in the restoration of an old house in the midst of nature.


Freedom respect

We believe in kindness and respect: this is why we know that our freedom ends where that of others begins.

We will give you your best Fuerteventura experience


Unforgettable stay

Travels are the best possible investments: this is why we want to transform our guests’ stays into unforgettable experiences.


Feel like at home

We believe in hospitality: this is why we are committed to making those who decide to choose Alma Calma feel at home.


A warm welcome

We believe in hugs this is why we look forward to returning to greet those who leave and those who arrive with affection.


Sharing local treasures

We support local: our ecologic veg and fruits come from the nearby farm, our cheese from the village’s diary, our naturals soap from an Aloe Vera local farm.

Our story

“I remember when Massimiliano and I fell in love”

I also remember very well when, together, we fell in love with this island.

And I remember even better when we saw this old and abandoned house and, always together and at the same time, had the realization that this was the right place for us. This is were we feel we want to live: we are both inexplicably attracted to this place so much that we happily accept and endure the weather, at times extreme.


And here is where we want to invest all of our resources in order to complete our life project.

We promptly understood that in order to transform the dream in reality time, unity, skills, resiliency and all of our money were needed.

Like every adventure, it can be challenging, like when it forces us to face a bureaucratic odyssey to legitimize our project, but it can also be very rewarding because everyday it makes us incredibly proud of what we managed to achieve thus far together.

Every bit of progress fortifies our courage, an essential ingredient for the continuation of this adventure.

Here, eco-friendly and sustainable construction is not in vogue all, I would even dare to say it is almost science-fiction, or cosa de locos ( sheer madness), that’s what the Majoreros, the natives of the island, keep on repeating fondly to us. And they are right, because in order to fulfil every dream it takes talent, resources, courage and a bit of madness too, definitely not alien to us.

Your dream vacation starts here

Make your holiday dreams come true

It’s never too early to dream your special moment. Alma Calma is the perfect place to find peace surrounded by volcanoes and ocean.