Aloe vera of Fuerteventura

Aloe vera is all the rage now: besides creams and soaps, you can find it in jams, fruit juices, ice creams, salt, yogurt, dietary supplements, and so on.

Fuerteventura: the kingdom of Aloe Vera

It is perfectly capable of adapting to the heat, the arid and dry desert soil, the scorching sun; in fact, it has chosen these extreme conditions as its natural habitat, and it doesn’t just survive and scrape by, but thrives and reproduces rapidly.

Fuerteventura’s Aloe Vera: an excellent remedy for sunburns

The first advice we give to our beloved guests is to constantly apply high sun protection sunscreen during their days in Fuerteventura.

The sun here is very strong even on cloudy days.

We remind them that the wind is constant here, and it cancels out the perception of the sun’s heat on the skin: you don’t realize how much you’re “roasting” until the evening, when sunburns or even burns become apparent under the shower.

In the unfortunate case of sunburns, we explain to the guests that the best remedy is aloe: the gel found in the leaves of this plant has a strong moisturizing power and promotes and accelerates the process of regeneration of epithelial cells.

Fuerteventura’s Aloe Vera: how to choose the best one?

Along the road, in every corner of the island, you will find shops selling Aloe Vera.
You will often come across factories that invite you to free demonstrations, which end with invitations to buy their products.

Supermarkets offer a wide selection of products with Aloe Vera, many of which are very low-priced.

Producing a cream or any quality product with Aloe Vera requires a long and expensive process: if the product that catches your attention costs less than 30 euros per 100 ml, it probably contains only a small percentage of Aloe.

You will often find a large and flashy “100% Aloe Vera” label on the packaging, but by reading the ingredients, you will discover that only 5% is 100% Aloe Vera, while the remaining 95% of the product is probably glycerin or lanolin.

Fuerteventura’s Aloe Vera: the best souvenir

We encourage our guests to take a piece of any plant from our garden with them: we believe it is the best souvenir and the most appropriate memory to keep at home.
It is possible to transport the seedlings in your luggage, both as carry-on and in the hold, and there are no problems at the airport. In fact, some shops in the departure terminal sell aloe plants.

Taking care of a plant, a living being that reminds you every day of the wonderful images of Fuerteventura and the beautiful vacation moments, is much more satisfying for us than filling one’s home with conventional souvenirs, often inanimate objects that only gather dust and soon end up being forgotten.

Aloe is obviously one of the favorite plants of our guests, who take one to remember Fuerteventura and a little bit of us too!

An authentic, ecological, and true piece of life from this island, far from the thousands of plastic objects with the word “Fuerteventura” on them, useless, artificial, polluting artefacts that, unfortunately, are now sold everywhere.

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