Bioarchitecture is our sustainable choice

“We must avoid the destruction of every old wall, every subdivision, every house where time has left a historical imprint. Its disappearance would forever erase a past full of meaning and wisdom gained from centuries of observing the climate conditions, latitude, wind, and light of an incredible landscape that determined a result, a way of implementation that cannot be improvised in a short period of time.”
Cesar Manrique

Avoid Waste: Restore Instead of Replace

In today’s throwaway culture, it’s time to break the cycle of discarding old wooden tools for their plastic counterparts and tearing down stone walls only to rebuild them with concrete.

Let’s reclaim the value of lime and other natural materials instead of resorting to synthetic alternatives.

By doing so, we not only reduce waste but also honor the hard work and legacy of those who painstakingly crafted remarkable examples of sustainable architecture.

These structures deserve admiration, love, and preservation, not abandonment.

Reviving the Past: Embracing Bioarchitecture and Eco-Construction

Looking back to the past and adopting bio-building and eco-construction techniques present an excellent opportunity to protect the environment while celebrating the ancient and noble forms of architecture.

Furthermore, these methods prove to be far more efficient than many modern alternatives. It’s time to learn from the best teachers of the past.

In the Footsteps of Cesar Manrique: A Visionary Approach

Cesar Manrique, a visionary and true genius, continues to inspire us with his enlightening words.

Every day, his teachings guide us, provide courage, and empower us to fulfill our mission: the restoration of an old house and the development of sustainable tourism through the creation of Alma Calma Rural Hotel.

This path may not be the quickest or most economical, but it aligns with our core human values, making it the only viable choice.