Corralejo Dunes Nature Park, what to see, when to visit, and how to get there

The Corralejo Natural Park is one of the wonders of Fuerteventura. It is located in the north of the island, in the municipality of La Oliva, and has more than 2,600 hectares of fine, almost white, golden sand, an authentic spectacle of nature: it will leave you speechless.

Get ready to admire more than 3 kilometers of golden and white sand dunes, which end in an impressive turquoise blue sea.

The golden dunes of Corralejo Park in Fuerteventura

Many people think that the dunes are formed by sand from the Sahara desert which is only 100 km far from the park. You will be surprised to know that the dunes have an organic origin since they are the result of the disintegration of mollusk shells.

You will immediately realise this if you start walking along the beautiful beaches along the dunes: you will be able to perceive the rounded and irregular shape of the fine fossil fragments, which do not heat up under the sun and you will not burn your feet while walking!

How to get to the Natural Park of the Dunes of Corralejo, panoramic route of the Mirador de Vallebrón

Start your journey in the Corralejo Dunes Natural Park by traveling along the Fv-104 Highway from south to north.

From Alma Calma Hotel Rural you can reach the Fv-104 through a scenic route (FV 102) that passes through the Mirador de Vallebron: from this panoramic point, you can see the beauty of Tindaya Mountain and admire the landscape without getting out of the car.

Continue on the FV 102 and you will pass through the small town of La Caldereta, and at the roundabout go in the direction “Airport / Parque Holandes” to avoid taking the highway, which would be the shortest way but not the most beautiful because you would miss the dunes.

East coast of Fuerteventura, Playas de El Moro and El Burro the International Kite Festival spot

Once you have passed Parque Holandes you will begin to notice a change in the landscape and suddenly you will see the wonderful El Moro beach on your right, a true paradise for beginners of surf.

Continuing on the FV-104 you will find El Burro beach, also called El Dormidero, where bathers and surfers coexist on days with the highest waves.

In November from El Burro Beach you can see a famous “Kite Festival”: thousands of kite fans show off their creations in this paradisiacal corner, turning it into an impressive experience.

Explore El Bajo Negro and El Caseron beaches

Follow FV – 104 road and reach El Bajo Negro beach, which is far from the highway and therefore not very busy, then you will reach El Caseron beach, where the two Riu Hotels are located, which spoil a true paradise with their concrete figure.

The 2 hotels are the reason why I advise you to pass by them and park your car along the road, just after the second hotel: from there, a nice walk in the middle of the dunes will take you to our favorite beach in the park!

Entubadera, our favorite beach in the Corralejo Park

Some people call it “Entubadera”, “La Barreta”, I call this beach “El Muretto”. For me is the best beach because from there you can admire the beautiful silhouette of the Isla de Lobos and also see Lanzarote, without the hotels spoiling the panorama.

In addition, this beach is a good place to swim, surfing, kitesurfing and body boarding.
I recommend you walk along this beach to enjoy the natural pools created by the tide: you will never forget these colours!

When is the best moment to visit the Corralejo Sand Dunes?

Thanks to the “eternal spring” we have here in the Canaries, you can enjoy this space almost all year round, but it is true that during windy days your experience will be quite different from what awaits you on a calm day.

July is usually a windy month, but Fuerteventura knows how to surprise us with its unpredictable and rebellious spirit, so you never know. My favorite period to enjoy the dunes is from October to December: the sea is usually warm and calm, the sky is clear so that you can appreciate the hugest colours of the desert and sea.

Every morning during breakfast here at Alma Calma Hotel Rural we will look at the wind conditions to advise you the best time to enjoy the dunes.