Goats of Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is so full of goats that these animals have become its symbol for years.

Every souvenir depicts them, and they, oblivious, spend their days chewing on the few plants they find and posing for photos with tourists.

They feed on shrubs, preferring the semi-grassy ones because they are richer in water.

While nibbling, they might think, “We should start charging, at least one euro per photo.”

If that were the case, they could afford to go to a restaurant every evening, given the impressive number of shots that immortalise them.

Fuerteventura Goat Cheese

What I admire most about these animals is their ability to withstand drought; they have become accustomed to not drinking and know how to take advantage of the small amount of water that accumulates on plants due to the temperature fluctuation between day and night.

They are a perfect example of how flexibility is true strength, how being proactive is better than giving up, and how fighting to survive is the antidote to laziness and the complaining that humans are fond of.

Goats have been and still are a precious resource for Fuerteventura: their milk is used to make exceptional cheese, which has often received international awards.

Goats feed on dry and salty shrubs, which gives their milk and cheese a unique and distinct flavour with a balanced savouriness.

Life in the Fuerteventura Desert

In the desert, goats have other roommates besides squirrels (with whom they share fame and celebrity).

It is not uncommon to encounter numerous hedgehogs, which easily blend into the desert thanks to their perfectly tonal coloration.

Goats are accompanied by numerous bird species, including the Hubara Bustard, one of the symbols of Fuerteventura. It is a medium-sized bird with a shy nature and ochre colours, highly endangered.

We find many other bird species, including various types of Hoopoes and different falcons, the “Pardela,” and the “Guirre,” a species of vulture also at high risk of extinction, as well as many other species.

Other roommates of the goats are various types of lizards that spend their day fleeing from predators and relaxing in the sun on rocks.

Is good to know that in Fuerteventura, there are no snakes, scorpions, venomous spiders, or other dangerous creatures.

The Vibrant Nature of Fuerteventura

All this life moves on a stage of sand, land, and sky that looks like a painting.

A masterpiece of color combinations where nothing is random: from the terrace of Alma Calma Hotel Rural, you can observe and listen to the many birds that love to sing in our trees, which offer them a true oasis in the desert.

The plumage and fur of the animals have been designed and crafted to blend in perfectly, and the volcanic composition of the land and rocks has been created to accommodate and nourish the plant species that regulate the ecosystem.

All orchestrated by the nighttime humidity, providing the only irreplaceable and essential element: water.

Come and discover desert life, enjoy a well-deserved period of rest to connect with the pure and free nature of Fuerteventura.
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