History of Tindaya Mountain

Tindaya is the place that the ancient Maho people, the prehistoric aboriginal inhabitants of Fuerteventura, dedicated to worship and spirituality.

In the area of the mountain, there were over 300 podomorphic engravings, depicting human foot shapes, all facing towards the point of the winter solstice.

Such engravings are only found in Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, and North Africa, but Tindaya Mountain has the largest collection of them.

The exact meaning of these drawings is unknown. It has been discovered that the engravings in Lanzarote are precisely oriented towards Tindaya, while those found in Tindaya are extremely accurately aligned with the sunset during different times of the year.

During the winter solstice, this coincides with the position of Teide (the volcano in Tenerife) and towards the island of Gran Canaria. Many mysteries remain to be uncovered.


Tindaya Mountain: A Natural Monument to Be Respected

Tindaya Mountain is a unique place, rich in history, culture, art, magic, mystery, introspection, and unfortunately, controversial speculations and projects.

In 1987, only the summit of Tindaya Mountain was recognized as a Natural Monument. However, this did not prevent the exploitation of the parts below the summit, which turned into a quarry for extracting trachyte, a type of volcanic rock, since 1991.
Fortunately, this activity has ended, but it has left visible scars on the mountain.

Tindaya Mountain: Cultural Heritage of Fuerteventura

When faced with archaeological findings of such relevance, one would instinctively expect institutions to have a firm intention to protect such heritage in every possible way.

Something hardly comprehensible happened in Tindaya.
The entire mountain is a historical and cultural heritage, yet inexplicably, only the summit was declared a BIC (Cultural Interest Property), as if it were a piece of floating land.

It’s somewhat like declaring only the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica as a historical monument without extending the qualification to the underlying basilica.

For many, this extravagant decision was made to allow the realization of the project proposed by the famous Spanish sculptor, Eduardo Chillida, who suggested literally hollowing out the mountain to “create a monument that exalts emptiness.”

Over 12 million euros were allocated to carry out a feasibility study for Chillida’s plan, although it’s unclear how they were spent.

Civil society immediately opposed this project, resorting to legal action to block it, and presenting the valid argument that “the monument already exists, and it is the mountain itself.”

The fundamental concept is not that the mountain is sacred because pre-Hispanic aborigines engraved podomorphic figures there, but the opposite: they engraved them there because the mountain was sacred.

Thanks to the relentless struggle of many local residents, environmental movements, and the “Tindaya no se toca” committee, in March 2023, the entire Tindaya Mountain was finally declared a BIC, fully protected from future speculation and destruction.

Prohibition to Climb Tindaya Mountain without an Authorized Guide

 Most of the podomorphic engravings are practically invisible in sunlight, and as a result, many have been unintentionally destroyed simply by walking over them without noticing or intending harm.

Therefore, authorities have prohibited climbing and visiting Tindaya Mountain. It is necessary to request permission from the Consejeria del Medioambiente to climb the mountain, and it can only be done with an authorised guide.

Alma Calma Hotel Rural collaborates with various authorized guides who can accompany you in discovering Tindaya Mountain and its history.


Tindaya Mountain: A different Landscape Every Day

Enjoy the sunset from our terrace and witness how the sun paints the stones and mountains of Tindaya with its vibrant colors.

Every day, you’ll discover different landscapes, just as each sunset illuminates our garden in a unique way.

Come and learn about the history of Tindaya Mountain. Immerse yourself in its energy and be captivated by its magical story.

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