How’s the weather in Fuerteventura?

Fuerteventura is famous for its mild and spring-like climate all year round, the scarcity of rain, and the almost constant presence of wind.
The wind usually blows from the northeast, starting at the end of March and reaching its peak at the end of July. It usually starts to calm down and disappear from September to January.


A week in the paradise of eternal spring

Even though it’s February, we have been experiencing the ideal summer for about ten days now: we reach 28 degrees during the day, the sun is shining, and there’s only a pleasant breeze that allows us to enjoy the sun without suffering from the heat.
The sky is clear, and the colours of the sea and the sky are vivid and brilliant.
The sunsets are breathtaking: from our terrace, it feels like we can almost touch the sea, and every evening we enjoy the wonderful spectacle of the sun diving into the ocean. If you come here on vacation and experience a week like this, you will definitely start thinking about coming back or even moving to Fuerteventura.
And who can blame you? How can you not fall in love with Fuerteventura when it’s mild, welcoming, generous, and allows you to fully enjoy its marvellous nature?

A hellish week

Last year, around the same time, it was raining heavily, and there was a strong wind.
It hadn’t rained for 4 years, and when it does rain here, it pours. There are no drainage systems, and the water unleashes itself unpredictably, rough and intense. It only takes a few hours to flood towns and roads. You see rivers of water and deep grooves quickly created by their uncontrollable descent from the mountains, dragging sand and soil onto the roads.
Ancient Canarian houses like Alma Calma Hotel Rural were built with the wisdom of those who observed and knew well every atmospheric phenomenon of Fuerteventura, which is why they don’t flood and are not at risk of being damaged.
On the other hand, modern houses and apartments in residential areas are usually not built to withstand water; when the fateful 5 days of rain a year arrive, it’s not uncommon for them to get wet inside. In December 2018, we had a few days of wind with gusts up to 100 kilometers per hour: suspended sand and soil obscured the sky, making the sun invisible. The enraged sea displayed frightening waves. All sorts of debris flew around the streets, from branches and leaves to abandoned or escaped plastic bags.
If you come here on vacation and experience a week like this, no way you’ll come back to Fuerteventura or recommend others to visit. And who can blame you? How can you not want to run away from a place that proves to be so inhospitable?

Calima: the sand from the Sahara Desert

In February, there can be the “Calima“,  a meteorological phenomenon characterized by a hot wind coming from Africa that carries a dense and reddish-colored sandy dust, making the air hazy and heavy. The sand brought by the Calima is very fine and gets everywhere, tinting the sky red and sometimes even making the sun disappear.
Usually, the presence of the Calima lasts a couple of days, but in rare cases, it can last a week.
Some people love the Calima because it fades the colors, obscures the light, and transforms the landscape into a watercolor.
Some people hate the Calima because it covers everything with a layer of sand and makes the air heavy to breathe.
And there are those like us who accept it because they know it’s just passing through.

The wild spirit of Fuerteventura

We’ve been living here for over 10 years, and we can’t remember one winter exactly like another. To be honest, even the other seasons can be profoundly different from one year to another.
That’s why we love Fuerteventura so much: its wild spirit is what fascinates us, attracts us, and makes it impossible for us to stay away from it.
Come and discover Fuerteventura, ready to surprise you with its enchanting beauty and capable of accepting it as it is, beautiful and rebellious.
Alma Calma Hotel Rural has wind-sheltered terraces for you to enjoy the contact with nature throughout every season in Fuerteventura.
Count on us for any information you need to organise your ideal vacation.

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