In love with Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura didn’t have to try hard to win me over.

Just six days in November and December, some of them cloudy and windy, were enough to make me fall madly in love with her.

And I’m not talking about a fleeting infatuation; I fell in love with this island in a mature, conscious, and overwhelming way.

It enchanted me with its indifference, its self-assurance, the fact that it’s not a show-off and doesn’t cater to mass tourism.

I love it for its ability to surprise me with different and beautiful landscapes, and for its tenderness when it decides to reveal itself to me on clear and sunny days.

How to fall in love with Fuerteventura

From the very first day, I understood that to love it, I have to accept it as it is, even when it wakes up in a bad mood and throws its wind in my face (making it impossible to open the car door), or its high waves and currents (challenging me while I swim), or its sand that gets everywhere and sometimes I can’t even get rid of it in the shower.

The paradox is that these “prima donna whims” make it even more attractive in my eyes.

Fuerteventura: love for the few

Many have told me: Fuerteventura has no middle ground. Either you love it and can’t live without it, or you hate it and never want to go back.

I agree, Fuerteventura is not an island for everyone.

Those who expect beach resorts with endless umbrellas and 24/7 open bars, where animators push you to do water aerobics, those who want to lie on massage beds, eating pasta, sipping cocktails, and dancing day and night, won’t feel comfortable in Fuerteventura.

Those who hate sand and wind, those who complain if the beaches aren’t equipped, those who want to go shopping in endless shopping malls, those who don’t want to leave the tourist village, won’t appreciate this island and probably won’t come back.

On the other hand, sports enthusiasts, nature lovers, people who can appreciate breathtaking views of exquisite beauty, beaches where you can engage in endless sports activities, and curious individuals willing to try tasty local food based on goat cheese, grilled meat, and fish, will love Fuerteventura to the point of returning many times.

Respecting Fuerteventura

And like many lovers, I am very jealous of Fuerteventura.
I get angry when I hear people denigrating my beloved island or disrespecting it by littering and polluting.

I can’t stand those who humiliate, discredit, and mistreat it with foolish acts like throwing a cigarette butt on the beach, carving their name on the limestone rocks of “Barranco de los Enamorados,” or taking away the “rodolitos” from the famous “popcorn beach,” whose real name is Playa Bajo de la Burra.

It pains me to think about how many people commit these foolish acts every day, and the negative consequences that will often outlive those who committed them.

I trust in the power of nature, in its patience, in its wisdom; I know it will be capable of defeating, surpassing, and forgiving human incivility.

After all, planet Earth has already survived meteorite bombardments, solar storms, ice ages, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and more; it has witnessed the extinction of numerous animal species, some seemingly stronger and more powerful than humans.

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