The best time to visit Fuerteventura

Big Tour Operators often feature Fuerteventura as an ideal travel destination from June to September, conveniently when Airfare rates and hotel rooms are more expensive.

Local institutions and major Hotel Chains in Fuerteventura suggest visiting the island all year round, promising 365 days of “eternal spring.”

We believe that it should be up to you to choose the best time to discover this wonderful island, depending on your passions. You can rely on us to organise your ideal vacation, and we’ll be happy to help you decide when and how to fall in love with Fuerteventura!

From March to July Fuerteventura is a Kitesurfing and Windsurfing paradise

Typically, the trade winds start picking up from late March and reach their peak in late July. If you’re interested in kitesurfing and windsurfing, we recommend choosing these months to visit Fuerteventura and take advantage of the wonderful windy days that will allow you to enjoy your favorite sports.

Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, you’ll find endless waves to ride, and we’ll be happy to recommend excellent schools with instructors who can teach you the tricks of each spot.


In Fuerteventura you can surf 365 days of surfing per year

If you’re a surf addict, you can ride the waves in Fuerteventura every month of the year. We’ll be delighted to recommend the best surf schools on the island, where you can choose group or individual lessons to learn or improve your skills, discovering the best spots each day depending on the weather conditions.

As a true surf lover, you surely know that Lobos offers “the longest right-hand wave in Europe.”
It’s a spectacular wave reserved for experienced surfers because it’s very close to the reef. If you want to surf it, remember to respect the locals who will remind you to give them priority!


From February to April Fuerteventura is a  Birdwatching paradise

If birdwatching is your passion, Fuerteventura will captivate you.
Many endemic bird species coexist in Fuerteventura’s intricate desert ecosystem. The most famous is the Hubara, which is the animal symbol of Fuerteventura.

It’s a medium-sized bird with ochre and white colours, perfect for blending into the desert environment. It measures about 60 cm and has a rather shy and sedentary nature. It’s famous for the male’s dance during the breeding season from February to late April.

Unfortunately, Hubara is an endangered species, but it’s quite common to see it near Alma Calma Hotel Rural. Our hotel is located just a few meters from the “protected zone for Hubara repopulation,” allowing us to enjoy the wonderful experience of observing this magnificent bird in freedom.


Fuerteventura has an eternal spring in summer, autumn, and winter

If you’re not a fan of wind and want to enjoy the sun and the sea, choose Fuerteventura in autumn and winter.

From late August onwards, the winds calm down, and there’s only a pleasant breeze that caresses you and allows you to lay on the beach without suffering from the heat. The temperature only drops in the evening but never below 17 degrees.

The sea displays its most attractive colours, transitioning from turquoise to midnight blue, from light blue to the white foam of the waves.
The sky is clear, which makes for breathtaking sunrises, enhancing the entire range of pink and blue hues.

But the best comes at sunset: every evening begins an unique show just for you.
The incredible view from our terrace allows you to admire the sun descending into the sea, painting the stones of Mount Tindaya and the endless surrounding trails with golden hues.

From here, the sea seems incredibly close: many evenings, as the sun sets, you’ll catch a glimpse of the shapes of Gran Canaria and Teide in the distance while enjoying a romantic aperitif or dinner! Click here to book your vacation in Fuerteventura at Alma Calma Hotel Rural during the best time for you!