The sky of Fuerteventura

Just look up in Fuerteventura to realise that every day the sky offers a different spectacle, capable of changing in every second.

Words cannot describe the infinite chromatic nuances and interplay of light and shadow that compose the skies in Fuerteventura.

The best sunrise in Fuerteventura

Sunrises in Fuerteventura are so breathtaking in the morning that they seem like a dream.

As it rises, the sun paints the sky with colors that are hard to reproduce by humans: the sky is tinged with infinite shades of pink, blue, yellow, red, and turquoise.

The sun rises behind the Tindaya Mountain, and for a moment, it paints it pink while the light fills our garden, greeted by our plants that, like us, prepare for a new day in our little paradise.


The best sunset in Fuerteventura

Sunsets in Fuerteventura offer a view from the terrace of Alma Calma Hotel Rural, and towards the horizon, free from buildings, factories, and roads, it opens up before our eyes, showing us perfect chromatic plays in sublime harmony with each other. We can enjoy a new and wonderful spectacle every evening while sipping an aperitif as the sun seems to dive into the sea.


Clouds are beautiful in Fuerteventura

Sometimes, the sky offers us clouds that resemble the brushstrokes of a skilled painter, creating sinuous forms in the sky. I am surprised and moved every morning and evening by what I see.

These sensations are the true and most precious gifts one can receive, and nature gives them to us every day.

Stargazing in Fuerteventura

At night, the sky becomes the stage for the stars.

Here at Alma Calma, we pay great attention to minimising lighting to not lose the breathtaking spectacle of our starry skies. Fuerteventura is a Starlight Reserve, and Tindaya, in particular, possesses optimal characteristics for observing planets and stars due to limited light pollution.


Photography in Fuerteventura

Many of our guests are photographers or people who work with images: sometimes they tell us that it is difficult to capture the perfect harmony of colors in Fuerteventura.
A camera cannot capture and reproduce this beauty.

Often, while we stand in awe witnessing the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the world, it is instinctive to photograph them, to immortalise them in the camera roll of our phones.

This beauty is not reproducible.

It is not worth obsessing over finding the perfect frame, losing the poetry of what we see.

Just open your eyes and enjoy the wonderful spectacle, imprinting the images in our hearts, and allowing ourselves to be enveloped by the authentic and powerful emotions that only nature is capable of offering.