Why should you choose Fuerteventura for your holidays?

Fuerteventura has no middle ground.

Either you love her and can’t do without her, or you hate her and won’t want to go back.

Here there is an extreme nature, capable of challenging you with the “fury of the elements” in Apocalypse style or surprising you with its mild, enveloping, idyllic side, like an Earthly Paradise.

Fuerteventura did not have to try to convince us: it took 6 days between November and December of 2012, some even cloudy and very windy, to make us fall madly in love with her. And I’m not talking about a passing infatuation: we fell in love with this island in a mature, conscious and overwhelming way.

She bewitched us with her indifference, her self-confidence, the fact that she doesn’t pander, that she does not care about mass tourism. We love her for her ability to amaze us with different and beautiful landscapes, and for her tenderness when she decides to offer herself generously to us, on clear days full of light.

How do you love Fuerteventura?

Already from the first day we understood that to love her we must accept her as she is, even when she wakes up in a bad mood and throws her wind in our face (which won’t let us even open the car door), or her high waves and currents (which challenge us while we swim), or her sand that slips everywhere and sometimes we can’t remove even in the shower.

The paradox is that these primadonna “tantrums” of hers make her even more attractive to us.

Who is Fuerteventura not for?

Who expects bathing establishments with endless umbrellas and bars open 24 hours a day, where entertainers encourage you to do water aerobics; those who want to lie down on massage beds, eating pasta, sipping cocktails and dancing day and night, will not be at ease in Fuerteventura. Those who hate sand and wind, those who complain if the beaches are not equipped, those who want to go shopping in endless shopping centers, those who do not want to leave the tourist village, will not like this island and probably will not return.

Who is Fuerteventura for?

It is the perfect island for those who love and respect the environment, for those who recognize the freedom that only contact with nature can give. It is the island for people capable of appreciating panoramas of poignant beauty, beaches where you can practice countless sports and activities, for those who want to return to the perfect harmony of essential things. It is the island for the curious, willing to experiment with the many tasty indigenous foods based on goat cheese, grilled meat and fish.

It is the island for true travellers, who will love Fuerteventura to the point of returning many times.