Discover the International Kite Festival of Fuerteventura

Since 1987, hundreds of kite professionals and enthusiasts gather in November at the Natural Park of the Corralejo Dunes in Fuerteventura, where white sand dunes meet the infinite shades of the blue sea.

For a week, the sky is filled with colorful and imaginative sails that dance with the wind, creating breathtaking scenes.

During the International Kite Festival of Fuerteventura, you can admire a lively multitude of kites in various shapes: fish, bears, dolphins, and animals of all kinds.

You’ll also find kites depicting cartoon characters or sails representing all sorts of objects: hearts, stars, rainbows, as well as witches, Minions, and superheroes.


30 years of the International Kite Festival in Fuerteventura

The festival has now reached its thirtieth edition, gaining such prominence that it has become an international event, attracting kite enthusiasts from all over the world.

Throughout the event, you can witness kites of different types, shapes, and colours soaring through the blue sky of Fuerteventura.

The festival has showcased performances with classic and static kites, as well as the traditional Rokkaku kite battles.

Every year, the event reaches its peak over the weekend, allowing tourists and locals to enjoy the rich festival program, which includes a kite flying workshop for children and a captivating nighttime exhibition.



Rediscover your inner child through kites

Flying a kite is a fun and educational way to spend time, especially when the alternative is lying on the couch with a device in hand.

And this applies to both young and old: running outdoors, playing with a simple kite, engaging with the wind, it’s an antidote to boredom, laziness, and indolence.

Above all, it’s a source of joyful images and sensations, laughter, and smiles that help us not take ourselves too seriously and bring out our inner child!